About Me


Unicorngang Flo, born March 15, 1995, is a non-binary artist from Kansas City, KS. The free spirited and flamboyant artist began their artist career, first, as a poet. Competing in open mic tournaments at the Juke House on 18th & Vine and state tournaments with their forensics team at school, they became noticed for their profound word play and outlandish rhyme scheme. Having been published in the Jazz Museums news paper and opening up for a Jazz legend, Darcus Gates.


Unicorn began experimenting with music in high school. The school district was granted laptops for learning, which were Mac Books. In their free time after school, they would play around with garageband. Although, not sophisticated enough to be publish on major platforms, they began creating elementary beats and writing lyrics to them. Unicorn began to develop a new love for music as it allowed for a different type of expression than poetry. Nonetheless, they still loved poetry and learned to mash the two together.


After graduating High School, Unicorn stopped experimenting with music because of a full college schedule and no family support. They continued to do poetry and even performed at some sorority and fraternity sponsored open mics on campus. Having been distracted and discouraged Unicorn would not fall back into music until after some extreme life events: pregnancy, losing a parent and domestic violence. They soon needed an outlets for all the emotions that were conjured during their away time. They official started their music career in 2016. It started with an artistry workshop called Gifted Remedies, in which Unicorn was the host of the debut party as well as a performer. Having been close with the creator, they began going to the workshops there after. Picking up tips for sharpening core parts of being a performing artist, they also were allotted a performance slot in the end of workshop showcase. That opened doors and connections undreamed of. Unicorn eventually ended up performing in different artist showcases around the city, a few of the venues being: The Roxy Bar, The Juke House and a friends House Party Showcase. They released a few songs under the name Flowing Goddess (previous stage name) that were recorded at 825 Studios where they met a producer by name of Bam Keith. Bam would take Unicorn under his wing to teach the proper method of beat making. Unicorn would, thereafter, relocate to Tampa, Fl to further their music career.